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“I found myself having a hard time putting this down! Kept saying 1 more chapter.” — Erika Kaszas
“An absolute page turner!” Teresa Beeding
“Frightening to the core while also giving moral lessons and being entertaining.Mark Gallenz
“I just could not put it down.”Joseph Goulart
Highly recommend. A fun read, even if the holiday season is over.” — Catschihuahuahorror Reviews

2020 – A Reflection

It’s safe to say that 2020 was, quite frankly, the year that wasn’t. Like many, I had countless plans that were scrapped: concerts, conventions, vacations. It was a rough year all around; and not just because of Covid-19 and the inability to see my friends and family since March. The year itself was, indeed, oneContinue reading “2020 – A Reflection”